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Each SRI team member has a unique focus and knowledge to support our customers, programs, and services. Through our tenured leadership team, we have been able to create and foster unparalleled relationships.

“Employees want to believe their company has a meaningful purpose. They want to know that their own job is worthwhile. They want to make a difference. If all three of these conditions are accomplished, bottom line results will follow.”
~ Quint Studer~

Jon MMcGuire_Jon_Headshot_smaller.jpgcGuire, Executive Vice President

30 years of sales and operational experience in reusable device processing industry. Strong focus on surgical linen processing both sterile and non-sterile. Helping hospitals everyday with their sustainable reusable linen needs.  Ensures our team is helping your team! 

Gropper CyCy Gropper, Vice President Operations – Raleigh, NC

28 years of Operational Management in both linen and manufacturing facilities.  Strong focus on operational excellence within the plants, employee engagement, quality of product, fulfillment of orders, financial results and exceptional customer service.

Tom Richards, General Manager – Chattanooga, TN

28 years of Operational Management in both linen and reusable medical device manufacturing facilities Directs, manages, and optimizes the overall operations of the Chattanooga, Tennessee facility. Sets policies and makes decisions guiding productivity, quality, and cost efficiency of plant operations. Manages customer relations team to ensure SRI is meeting the requirements of our customers.

Jim Brandt, Director Merchandise Control and Logistics

30 years of Operational Management in both linen and manufacturing facilities Focus on purchasing controls to ensure SRI is receiving the best quality product.  Maintains inventory controls to ensure product continuity to our customers, while supporting our Customer Relations Representative in finding loss of our reusable linens at the customer location.  Supports company with DOT compliance and Fleet management to maintain safety and distribution schedules, as well as ongoing evaluation of route optimization and equipment utilization.