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HP Cubicle CurtainSRI Healthcare can help you implement a cubicle/privacy curtain program. In the healthcare environment harmful bacteria can thrive on fabrics that are consistently touched, which can be dangerous to the patient and your staff. SRI’s programs will provide privacy and style to a patient’s room plus assist your hospital with documented infection prevention protocols. SRI can help you stay compliant with the requirements and help you manage curtain and staff costs, while maintaining safety. 

Standardized Options

  • Hospital Owned
  • SRI Lease Program
  • Full Line of Disposable Curtains to compliment reprocessing program
  • Manage Hospital Inventory
  • Retain Service Records
  • Individual curtain identification for quick verification during inspections
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Remove & Replace Curtains
  • Proprietary wash formula to protect fabric and ensure full effectiveness
  • Dry cycle ensures wrinkle free finish