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mayo stand cover
Mayo Stand Covers

  • Effective barrier protection for the Level 4 liquid-proof protection for the Mayo stand protecting the sterile field.
  • Highly resistant to wear and punctures.
  • Meets Class 1 flammability standards as per 16 CFR 1610.
  • Low linting

back table cover e1527006972726Back Table Covers

  • Effective barrier protection for the OR back table
  • Level 4 liquid-proof protection in critical zones preventing strikethrough.
  • Highly resistive to wear and punctures and designed to be low-linting.
  • Additional towels are not required to line our back table covers due to level of protection in critical zones.
  • Instrumentation currently lost/disposed of in error with paper back table covers, will be returned when retrieved in a reusable back table cover.