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Instrument_Collage_SRI.pngLet SRI help with the challenging parts of surgical services and make it easier for you!

SRI, a pioneer of off-site surgical instrument processing is ready to help you with:418056.TIF

  • Bottlenecks in your CS Department
  • CS Staff Shortages
  • Staff Satisfaction
  • Peak Processing Demands
  • Peel Pack Management
  • Emergency Back-up
  • Continuity of Supply
  • Vendor Tray Management

SRI’s processing facilities are FDA registered. Instruments are processed in a controlled environment by highly trained technicians using efficient and automated equipment.

SRI’s process:

  • Used instruments are picked up at the hospital by SRI and transported to SRI's FDA-regulated facility.
  • Instruments are decontaminated through our documented process which includes:
    • 3-Bay Sinks
    • Ultrasonic WasherInstrument SRI
    • Washer Disinfector
  • Instruments are inspected, reassembled, and functionally tested.
  • Assembled instrument sets go through our validated, steam sterilization process.
  • Instrument sets are transported to your facility ready for use.
  • Cloud based Instrument Tracking and Manufacturing System ensures sets are built consistently to your specifications.